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Pioneer Memorial Cemetery ~ George W. L. Vinton
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Vinton, George W. L.
LAST: Vinton FIRST: George MID: W. L.
BORN: 25 Dec 1823 DIED: 28 Sep 1912 BURIED: 
OCCUPATION:  Painter, Farmer
BIRTH PLACE:  Boston, Massachusetts
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
1st MARRIAGE - Ann E. Sailes, 17 May 1848 in Bureau Co., Illinois (Vol. A, pg 161).
1850 CENSUS - George W. L. Vinton, age 25, occupation farmer, b. Massachusetts, is enumerated with his wife, Anna E., age 23, b. New Hampshire.
2nd MARRIAGE - Elizabeth.
1860 CENSUS - George Vinton, age 30, occupation farmer, b. Massachusetts, is enumerated with wife Elizabeth Vinton, age 33, b. Massachusetts, along with Alfreda Vinton, age 12, b. Massachusetts.
3rd MARRIAGE - Alfreda Wilbur, abt 1863/64.
1870 CENSUS - G. L. Vinton, age 40, occupation painter, b. Massachusetts, is enumerated with A. Vinton, age 21, b. Pennsylvania, along with Chas, age 4, b. Oregon, Cora, age 2, b. Oregon, and Mary, age 6 months, b. Oregon.
1880 CENSUS - George L. Vinton, age 56, farmer, b. Massachusetts, is enumerated with his wife Alfreda, age 31, b. Pennsylvania, and children Charles W., age 14, Cora A., age 12, Mary B., age 10, Hattie E., age 8, Anna E., age 4, and George W. L., age 3, all born in Oregon;
1900 CENSUS - George L. Vinton, age 76, b. Dec 1823 in Massachusetts, occupation farmer, is enumerated with his wife of 37 years Alfreda, age 56, b. Jun 1847 in Pennsylvania, along with children George W., age 23, single, b. May 1877 in Oregon and Arthur A., age 13, b. May 1887 in Oregon.
1910 CENSUS - George L. Vinton, age 86, widower, farmer, b. Massachusetts, is enumerated as the father-in-law in the home of John E. Waltman, age 53, farmer, b. Indiana, and his wife Mary B., age 40, b. Oregon, along with children William, age 16, b. Oregon, and Charles E., age 12, b. Oregon.
DISCREPANCY - George's obit gives year of marriage to Alfreda as 1853 - but Alfreda's obit [1905] gives year of their marriage as 1864 - which matches the probable year of marriage indicated in 1900 census [married 37 years].
Of fine old Colonial ancestry, George W. L. Vinton, one of the aforemost farmers of Marion county, was born in Boston, Mass., December 25, 1823. From an industrious and worthy sire he inherited traits of industry and thrift, his father being a copper by trade, and a fairly successful man. The elder Vinton was not unmindful of his duties as a citizen of a grief-stricken republic, and in 1812 responded to the call for soldiers, serving the American cause as became a strong and rugged personality. He was three times married, and his useful life extended beyond the biblical alottment of seventy years.
The advantages of the public schools fell to the lot of George W. L. Vinton, and he naturally connected the future with some one the useful trades, finally selecting that of painter, for which he served an apprenticeship of three years. Thereafter he plied his trade for about five years. In 1848 he removed to Illinois, locating on a farm in Bureau county. In 1853 he was united in marriage with Alfreda Wilbur, who was born in Pennsylvania. They resided in Illinois until 1861, when they removed to Iowa where they remained until 1864. Of ambitious tendencies, Mr. Vinton foresaw in the far west opportunities not found in Iowa, and therefore emigrated to Oregon in 1864, being one of a train of one hundred and twenty-four wagons under command of Captain Hulbert. Mr. Vinton himself had eight yoke of oxen, and was on the way about seven months.
In Marion county Mr. Vinton settled on a claim twelve miles east of Salem, and at the expiration of eighteen months rented a place on Howell prairie for about a year. Following this he worked at his trade for almost four years, and in 1870 bought his present home of three hundred acres fourteen miles from Salem, on the Howell Prairie road. The clearing of his land presented a large labor problem, but the present owner has succeeded to the extent of about fifty acres, which is devoted to general farming and stock-raising. A well appointed home, substantial lawns and outbuildings and up-to-date agricultural implements are among the ambitious inaugurated by the enterprise and thrift of this successful farmer.
Politics have not escaped the attention of Mr. Vinton, who is a staunch upholder of Republican principles, and who has acceptably served as supervisor and school clerk. Eight children have been born into this family, of whom Charles W. is a resident of Albino; Cora A. was married to William Ramsdon, but is now deceased; Mary B. is the wife of John Waltman of this vicinity; H. Almina is the wife of C. McElwain of Fruitland; Ama Eva became the wife of E. Stevens, but is now deceased; George W. L., Jr. lives at his father’s: Walter Augustus lives in North Howell prairie; and Arthur G. is still at home.
[newspaper clipping, not cited]

Grandpa Vinton who has been sick for some time in the Salem hospital passed away at that place September 28, and was buried beside his wife in the Pioneer cemetery Monday afternoon. The funeral services were held at his son in law’s Mr. J. Waltman; and so passes away another of the old pioneers and respected citizens.
Gervais Star October 4, 1912
Geo. W. L.
[shares marker with Alfreda]
Saucy Survey & Photographs 
Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1783-1900
1850 IL CENSUS (Bureau Co., FA #619)
1860 IA CENSUS (Grundy Co., Felix, FA #30)
1870 CENSUS (Marion Co,, East Salem, FA #358)
1880 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Howell Prairie, pg 145B)
1900 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Howell Prairie, ED 188, sheet 10B) 1910 OR CENSUS (Marion Co., Howell Prairie, ED 211, sheet 8A); GS October 4, 1912;

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