Pioneer Memorial Cemetery ~ Rachel Fain
Fain, Rachel
LAST: Fain FIRST: Rachel MID: 
BORN: 26 Jan 1841 DIED: 26 Dec 1865 BURIED: 
DEATH PLACE: Brooks, Marion Co., Oregon
1850 CENSUS - Rachel Jones, age 9, b. Indiana, is enumerated with father Silas W. R. Jones, age 37, farmer, b. Kentucky, and mother Elizabeth, age 31, b. Indiana, along with James T., age 12, Joseph, age 11, William H. Jones, age 7, Susannah age 7, Silas A., age 5, Jesse B., age 4, and Madison L., age 1, all born in Indiana. Also enumerated with the family is Nelson Creack, age 20, farmer, b. Tennessee, and Elizabeth Helig, age 12, b. Indiana.
MARRIAGE - "William B. Fain, 32 of Multnomah Co & Rachel Jones, 22, m 23 Aug 1863 at house of S. W. R. Jones; Geo. C. Chandler, M. G. Wit: Joseph P. Jones & E. K. Chandler #638 pg 203 & bk 1 pg 8".
BIOGRAPHICAL (From ANNALS OF THE S. W. R. JONES FAMILY, pg 46): "Rachel taught school at Waconda and Bethel and perhaps elsewhere. At Old Waconda, near what was known as the Brewery Hill, the school house had seats facing the walls on either side, with the teacher's desk in the end opposite the door. The boys sat on one side the girls on the other, and woe betide the one that "peeked". The day was begun with Scripture reading and prayer. She received $5.00 per pupil for a term of three months.
In 1863, Rachel Jones married William B. Fain, son of John M. and Mary Bicknell Fain. The wedding was in the log cabin on the Boner Place, opposite the new house built by her parents in 1871. Father Chandler helped their "get away" by mending a bridle (another way of officiating at a bridal) while the boys saddled up and brought around the horses. Mr. Fain drove the family wagon across the plains.
The Fains made their home in Portland, where May was born, but when their second child arrived Rachel was at The Nook with her sister Sue, whose home it was. And four months after Alma's birth, they dug a grave beside Willie for the sweet young mother."
Wife of
W. B. Fain
& Daughter of
S. W. R. & E. Jones
Dec. 26, 1865
Aged 24 yrs
& 11 mo.
Saucy Survey & Photographs 
1850 IN CENSUS (Owen Co., Montgomery, FA #313)
Marion County Oregon Marriage Records Vol., I, pg 38
Annals of the S. W. R. Jones Family, pg 46